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6870 Chestnut Hill Church Road

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Pastor: Christian Creyer

Church Phone: 610-967-1196 

Pastor Phone: 610-351-8044


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Hours: Wed 1:00–6:00; Thurs 10:00–3:00    

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Worship With Us

Chestnut Hill Church invites you to join us:  Whoever you are, wherever you are on life's journey, whatever you have done in the past, God welcomes you here! 

Worship Service 10:00 AM

Everyone is welcome to attend our weekly worship services and join us for communion the first Sunday of each month.

Sunday School is held during the  10:00 am service.

Meet & Greet Fellowship 11:15 AM

Stay for coffee, have dessert and enjoy the company of friends

Children's Sunday School Classes will resume September 2019 - June 2020

Thoughts from
Pastor Christian

Greetings all! 

Let me say, what a great blessing and honor it is to be your newly called pastor at Chestnut Hill Church. I have been truly amazed at the outpouring of love and admiration that Stephanie and I have been shown so far in our ministry with the folks at Chestnut Hill. We are extremely excited about the possibilities and the ministry that God has in store for us all in the future.

What God has in store for us is some of what I have been considering over the last month as your new pastor. I cannot help but think fondly of the so many ways that we already reach out to the community as well of the ways that we can further our ministry to the community. I pray that all the things we do will bring honor and glory to God as well as reach out to those in need. There have been several scriptures over the last few weeks in which we hear of Christ reaching out to those who are on the fringe of his society and I cannot help but wonder if God’s intention was for us to explore these passages together so that we can begin planning, with the Spirit’s leading and prompting, some ways to reach more people with our love and admiration.

One of my favorite stories (and there are quite a few) of Christ’s reaching out to those in need and changing their lives forever is the story of Zacchaeus in the Sycamore tree. In Luke 19:1-10, we are introduced to a chief tax collector named Zacchaeus. The story is that Christ, while traveling toward Jerusalem, passes through Jericho and encounters throngs of people lining the streets to get a glimpse. While traveling down the main street, he sees Zacchaeus in a tree and tells him that Zacchaeus must come down so that Christ can dine and stay with him that night. This invitation changes Zacchaeus’ life forever. This invitation to the table is one that we must all take into our hearts and understand that we never know who might be changed forever by our own invitation to the table.

As we begin thinking of the ways that we can reach more people, it is all about the invitation that might make a difference in someone’s life. Let us look and work toward changing this world, one person at a time. Especially as we prepare our hearts to receive the child born who changed the world forever.

Peace and blessings, Pastor Christian

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