Worship With Us

Our church on a sunny day

Chestnut Hill Church invites you to join us:  Whoever you are, wherever you are on life's journey, whatever you have done in the past, God welcomes you here! 

Worship service will start at 10:00 am

Everyone is welcome to attend our weekly worship services and join us for communion the first Sunday of each month.

At this time there is no Fellowship Hour after our church service

There are no Children's Sunday School Classes at this time 10/2021

welcome to our church

Thank you for stopping by! So, you want to know more about our worship services?

We worship every Sunday in our historic sanctuary. What you will notice from the pictures below is that, even though we have an historic setting, we are a forwarding looking community of faith. To help those with sight disabilities or challenges, we have installed a TV so that you can follow the service. For those with hearing challenges, we offer listening devices that are linked directly to the microphone and sound system so that folks can hear directly in their ears rather than relying upon the speakers. We have an updated sound system that allows us to also project the music and/or videos from the service directly to these listening devices as well. We are working on ways to be more inclusive in our worship for people of all activity and/or challenges. We welcome all people into our fellowship, no matter the challenge or difficulty you may face.

Our worship services are designed by a team of people to make sure that we are looking at all ways that we can worship and praise God. Currently, we have traditional/blended worship services. In the future, we are looking for ways that all can be involved our worship services so that we can fully engage our senses in the service. We are also looking at how we can be more supportive of our friends and family who may be facing mental health challenges and engaging them in a different kind of worship. Check back often to see if there are any updates to our schedule of worship and how we are changing in today’s 21st Century.

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2021 Funeral Guidelines

The simple thought of what to do next may loom suddenly before us as an insurmountable obstacle. What does a person do at such a time? What are the arrangements that must be made? Who do I need to contact and when? These are just some of the questions that occur at the death of a loved. This pamphlet has been designed to provide guidance and some answers to these questions.

Please Click Here for details