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To contact the CHC Cemetery Board, please call our main number 610-967-1196

Changes to Cemetery Plot Pricing:  Effective September 1, 2022 

Members $650.00       Non Members $1,000.00

Grief Support Group




                                                                            The Beatitudes- Mark Chapter 5:4


Chestnut Hill Grief Support Group, led by Craig Adams, meets the last Saturday of the month, 1pm, in Followship Hall.  We have discovered that Healing and Recovery happens, when stories are shared in a safe place.  Our fellowship is surrounded by TOTAL anonymity. Safe place!

Folks in their grief journey do not want to be told what to do or how they are supposed to grieve, we just want to be heard!

History:  We have grown into a close-knit fellowship, which began in August of 2018. This August we will celebrate the fifth anniversary of our Group’s experience and journey together.  We have maintained and survived in amongst a host of challenges, including the passing of members.  But the main reason and credit goes to our Lord and Savior, JESUS CHRIST!!!

Also, we could not survive or thrive without the support of our Pastor, Church Council and our Church family.  Our Group and its Outreach efforts would not happen without the financial support of William Hoff and the Vivian Hoff Christian Education and Community Outreach Endowment.  The Hoff Endowment provides the resources for our study materials and treasured Group’s relaxing annual trips, including transportation, meals and most importantly, fellowship together. We enjoy, that once in our Group, you are never alone! But surrounded by folks that truly understand what we all go through.

We are always learning that there are many Grieving events:

Death of family member, spouse, partner, parents, child. Divorce, Marital separation, Personal injury, Illness, Dismissal from work, Marital reconciliation, Retirement, Care Giving, change in a family members health, Pregnancy, Change in financial state, Death of a close friend, Career changes, Children leaving home, Change in living conditions. In-law troubles, Trouble with boss, Sleeping habits, Loss of a pet, Addiction.  Can you add to the list or relate to any of these?

I encourage you to reach out to see if the Group would be a good fit for you.

Please call, text or email Craig Adams 610-554-4967, for a confidential, private conversation.

WWW  - Women Working Wonders


We meet on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 1:00 pm in the Sunday School room. 

Our group is open to all women of the congregation, so if you haven’t joined us for any of our meetings, come join us and see the fun we have together! 

Contact Alice Debus or Laura Held thru the church office 610-967-1196 for more details.

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